Discover the Benefits of Vegan Protein

The benefits of vegetarian protein are also well known by many athletes and people who want to lose weight without constantly practicing any sport. In our store you can find vegan protein powder To help you simplify your diet and achieve your goals in the gym.

Thanks to protein, you will be able to improve results in both your workouts and diet to gain better definition or lose weight. Always without losing muscle mass, which is one of the most common pitfalls when trying to shed several kilos.

The base of our vegetarian proteins is peas and rice, but they also contain many other ingredients to give flavor and better texture.


Protein Shakes, The Tastiest way to Enjoy them

There are different ways to consume vegetarian protein. But The most common way to consume them is in powdered form, which is added to any food or drink. Like yogurt, or vegetable drink or juice. However, One of the most successful productions is in Shakes.

They are very easy to make, Since all you need to do is mix the protein with water or a vegetable drink. Being flavored, as is the case with PowerGym Vegetarian Protein, We can enjoy a quick and easy healthy shake anytime, For example, the cappuccino flavor is ideal to have with breakfast in the morning and the red fruit flavor is great to have in the afternoon, if possible. We can take the recommended dose of protein from home in our shaker for post-workout consumption. We only have to add water and it is ready to drink.

Lysine Rich Vegetarian Protein

Vegetarian proteins are rich in lysine. But what exactly is lysine? It is an amino acid which helps us in reducing cholesterol. This is very important because when you are on a protein diet, it is common for the cholesterol level in the blood to increase.


Although Too There are other additional benefits that are just as interesting as lysine. Contributes to better absorption of calcium and helps in the formation of collagen, In other words, it helps to keep our bones as well as our joints in shape. In addition to lysine, vegetarian protein It also contains other essential amino acids.

Very Low Carbohydrate and Sugar Content

Many people who follow a protein diet do so in order to lose weight. That’s why they especially appreciate it Vegetarian proteins are low in carbohydrates and contain virtually no sugar.

In fact, vegetarian protein no added sugars, although they contain only a sweetener, only to improve its taste, to obtain the taste of red fruit and cappuccino, with different aromas, which are available in our online store.

Rice Provides us with more Digestible Protein

One problem with proteins is that they can be a bit difficult to digest. For this reason, in our online store we present those that are easier to digest, mainly because of the rice content in them.

Ricein itself, already It is a very high quality protein that is ideal for diets in which you want to lose weight or increase muscle mass. With peas, the best combination is achieved to obtain a quality product without an excess of carbohydrates, but with all the properties that can be sought in it. An ideal protein shake for athletes and people who want to take care of their figure.

Gluten-Free & Sodium-Free Vegan Protein

One of the benefits of these vegetarian proteins the thing is that Being based exclusively on proteins derived from peas and rice gluten free, This means that people with celiac disease, or gluten sensitivity, as well as those who have decided to eliminate gluten from their diets for various health reasons, can consume these shakes without any problems.

They also do not contain sodium, which is beneficial to the body because it avoids, for example, fluid retention, which is sometimes caused by the presence of salt or sodium in dietary products to improve their taste.

Vegan Protein, Perfect for Lactose Intolerant People

Till recently, people who are intolerant and allergic to lactose had a hard time enjoying protein shakes, as most of the protein supplements available in the market contain milk protein. Now, Thanks to Vegan Protein, they can consume these products without fear, as they are lactose free.

But, apart from that, in the case of our vegetarian proteins, you can enjoy them at a reasonable price. We comment on this, because sometimes this is not the case, because products that are gluten and lactose free have a high price due to the processes that are carried out to certify and analyze that their ingredients are free of any traces.

Now you know the benefits of vegetarian protein And, in particular, those that you can buy in our store. Thus, You can assess whether you want to include them in your diet To increase your muscle mass and/or to achieve better results in your weight loss.

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